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Devotional Statues

Unity in duality is a central theme in Buddhism, and our Buddhist statues manifest in tranquil and fierce aspect, as well as in male and female form. Deities with fierce image, often with multiple heads or arms, function as protectors in the outer world, and as transmuters of destructive impulses in the inner world.  The great variety of Buddhist statues is needed to meet the needs of all devotees.  All statues symbolize aspects of the 'One'. Buddha can also be considered not as a being, but as the embodiment of the spiritual principle of enlightenment.

The gods, goddesses and animal cohorts of Hindu mythology play out their dramas of good and evil, creation and destruction throughout the ages in an eternal cycle. All deities, even the most benign, have a dark side as they must act as both protectors of their devotees and destroyers of the negative forces threatening creation. These various deities are seen as aspects of the transcendent divine, an attitude that encourages tolerance.