Animals, Dark Metal, Style 1

Metal animal statues of elephant, kangaroo, pig, fish, llama, horse from India
Price: $35.00

An assortment of "mud" animal statues from the south of India. These dark metal animal statues are in the folk art tradition, offering unusual and charming images of more or less familiar animals. Exact animal statues available vary somewhat, but usually include elephants, horses, llamas, deers, boars, crocodiles, tortoises, fish, kangaroos...

These animal statues can be used as incense holders as their "lacy" skin permits insertion of an incense stick. Some have loops which would fit onto a key chain. All look adorable cavorting on a table-top or mantle. We have priced them at $35/5. Let us pick five for you.

Weight: 6 oz.
2.5" (6.4 cm)
Country of origin: