Ganesha in Conch Shell

Hindu deity (god) Ganesha (Ganesh) in conch shell carrying trident
Price: $560.00

In this very unusual statue of Ganesha (Ganesh), the Hindu god of beginnings and removal of obstacles, Ganesha carries a trident, a symbol representative of his father, Shiva. He stands on his mount, a rat (shrew), sheltered inside a half conch shell, a symbol of the spoken word which can be considered both as a trumpet or an offering vessel. We have not been able to track down the details of the iconography on this piece, but it is undoubtedly based on one of the many stories of Ganesha. Perhaps one of our readers knows more?

This Ganesha statue is also very special because of its fine detailing. After the piece was cast, it was inlaid with silver. This is a very challenging job for the craftsman, and only a handful are able to do this time-consuming and detailed work.

Weight: 8.5 lb.
12" (30.5 cm)
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Ganesha (Ganesh)