Ganesha Dancing

Dancing Ganesh statue of the Hindu god, remover of obstacles
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This resin statue of Ganesha dancing is a classic image of the Hindu deity Ganesha (Ganesh).

Ganesha is the son of Shiva, the Lord of the Dance. The movement of the universe is said to be maintained by the regular rhythm of Shiva's cosmic Dance of Bliss, the Nataraja. Occasionally there is a pause in the musical accompaniment while Shiva looks for a new rhythm. At that moment the universe ends, to be re-created as the dance begins again. Ganesha inherited his father's attributes, and is shown here in a dancing posture not unlike that of his father.

Large: 4.5"(10cm)/7oz

Weight: 0.8 oz.
2.3" (5.8 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
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Ganesha (Ganesh)