Green Tara, Bronze

Green Tara bronze statue from China in Tibetan Buddhist tradition
Green Tara, Tibetan Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion, in large bronze statue Close-up of bronze Green Tara statue, showing ornamentation of a boddhisattva
Price: $185.00

There are twenty-one forms of the Buddhist bodhisattva Tara. The Tara depicted in this statue is Green Tara. Green Tara is usually pictured seated on a lotus throne, right leg pendant with foot supported by a small lotus. Her right hand is in 'charity' mudra and her left in 'argument' mudra.

Tara is the central female deity of Tibet. As a bodhisattva, she blesses and saves those who pray to her. The faithful may appeal to her directly without the intermediary of a lama. Tara is considered the mother of all buddhas and bodhisattvas. She is incarnate in all good women.

Tara may have a mortal precedent in the Nepali princess who married the great king Srang-Tsan Gampo. He is credited with helping introduce Buddhism to Tibet and China.

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Weight: 3.3 lb.
12" (31 cm)
Country of origin: