Egyptian goddess sculpture of Isis in low VOC resin
Resin statue of Isis, ancient Egyptian great mother goddessIsis, the great Egyptian mother goddess, sculpture in resin
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This resin sculpture (statue) of Isis is the perfect size for an altar to the goddess. Isis was an early and important goddess of ancient Egypt.

Isis was revered by the Egyptian people as the great mother goddess and represents the maternal spirit. She represents the dutiful wife, grieving widow and protector of the dead. As a winged goddess, she traveled continually looking for her lost husband. Upon finding him, she took the shape of a kite, restoring his life by flapping her wings and filling his mouth and nose with air.

In addition, Isis was a great enchantress and taught mankind the ways of medicine.

Unlike other Egyptian gods and goddesses, she was embraced by the Greeks and Romans and has influence even today.

Large: 5"(13 cm) / 7 oz

Weight: 1 oz.
2.75" (7 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
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