Jaya Durga Ma

Durga, a fierce manifestation of Devi, Hindu goddess and consort of Shiva
Statue of Hindu goddess Durga, consort and shakti of Hindu god Shiva
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This statue images Durga, the wrathful form of the goddess Parvati, Shiva's consort. Devi is the great goddess of ancient India, and as the consort of Shiva, she is worshiped in a variety of forms corresponding to her two aspects - benevolence and fierceness. Durga is Shiva's cosmic energy, or shakti.

As Durga, she is 'the inaccessible'. Here she is shown in a ten-armed form, with her mount, the lion. Her ten hands hold a sword, club, lotus flower, dire and other ritual objects. Despite her weapons, Durga's face always remains clam and gentle.

Shiva and Devi (or Durga) are regarded as the twofold personalization of Brahman, the primeval substance.

Large: 4.8"(12cm)/10oz

Weight: 2 oz.
Resin Ivory Substitute
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