Kali Statue, 10-armed Brass

Kali Statue, 10-armed Brass
Price: $575.00

This brass statue represents Kali, the wrathful form of Parvati, Shiva's wife. She holds in each of her ten arms different implements which she uses to battle evil. Kali generally is represented without clothing, with a garland of severed heads around her neck.
Kali's task is to battle evil, and in one story, she gets so caught up in destroying evil that she starts destroying everything near her, in a murderous rampage. Shiva, her consort, is so alarmed that he throws himself under her feet to stop her. She puts one foot upon his chest, and her tongue protrudes in astonishment.
Kali is worshiped in southern Nepal.

Weight: 16 lb.
17" (43 cm.)
Country of origin: