Lakshmi (Laxmi, Laksmi), Hindu goddess of wealth
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This statue shows Laksmi standing, rather than seated. Lakshmi (Laksmi or Laxmi), also known as Sri Lakshmi or Sri, is the goddess of wealth. She is considered to be the primeval goddess who appeared on the cosmic waters at the beginning of creation, floating on a lotus flower. As Vishnu's shakti, she is the sustaining force in the universe and forms with him the dual deity called Lakshi-Narayana, symbolizing the transcendental unity of opposites in the absolute Brahman.

Sri Laksmi is shown here with four hands. Usually images show Laksmi with one hand holding the Darpana, or mirror, and another holding the Sinhamoo, or pot, but in this sculpture two of the hands hold lotus flowers over her shoulders. A third hand is in abhaya mudra or the mudra of protection, with the hand lifted to shoulder level, palm turned outward and all fingers extended upward. The fourth hand is in varada mudra, the gesture of charity or conferring a boon. The arm is extended all the way down with palm facing outwards, fingers extended downwards.

Large: 5.8"(15cm)/6.5oz

Weight: 1 oz.
3" (7.6 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
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