Lakshmi with Lamp

Statue of Sri Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth
Bronze Lakshmi incense burner/oil lamp statueHindu Goddess  bronze Laksmi  statue for garden or home
Price: $330.00

This statue shows Laksmi standing, rather than seated. Lakshmi (Laksmi or Laxmi), also known as Sri Lakshmi or Sri, is the goddess of wealth. She is considered to be the primeval goddess who appeared on the cosmic waters at the beginning of creation, floating on a lotus flower. As Vishnu's shakti, she is the sustaining force in the universe and forms with him the dual deity called Lakshmi-Narayana, symbolizing the transcendental unity of opposites in the absolute Brahman.

In this statue, Laksmi has her hands outstretched holding a bowl. It can be filled with ghee or oil, with a small wick, and used as an offering lamp.

We have one left, which is slightly damaged. Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing it for a discount.

Weight: 10 lb.
16" (41cm)
Country of origin: