Manjushri (Manjusri)

Tibetan Buddhist deity Manjusri with sword in resin statue made in U.S
Price: $14.00

Manjushri (Manjusri) is the Tibetan bodhisattva of Divine Wisdom. This resin sculpture shows Manjusri in his two-armed form, carrying a sword to cut through ignorance and delusion in his right hand, and the Prajnaparmita manuscript, the "divine book of wisdom" over his left shoulder. His left hand is in the teaching gesture.

Manjushri (Manjusri) is one of the three supreme bodhisattvas. Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani are the other two and complete the trinity of Wisdom, Compassion, and Power. The worship of Manjusri confers mastery of the Dharma, eloquence, mental perfection and "transcendental wisdom". He is also the patron of astrology. In his wrathful form Manjusri is Yamantaka, Conqueror of Death.

In Nepal, Manjushri is considered the founder of the country. Legend has it that he used his sword to cut Chobar pass through the mountains that surround Kathmandu Valley, allowing the water in the lake that covered the valley to drain and reveal the valley floor.

Large: 4"(10cm) / 7 oz

Weight: 1 oz.
2.3" (.9 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
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