Medicine Buddha from Nepal

Nepali-style Medicine Buddha cast in traditional lost-wax method
Medicine Buddha statue from Nepal cast in lost-wax method by Newari craftsmenBronze Medicine Buddha statue from Nepal close-up showing serene features
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This is a statue of the Medicine Buddha, or Healing Buddha. He sits on a lotus base, holding a bowl of healing herbs in his left hand. His right hand is in charity mudra and holds a branch of the myrobalan tree, a medicinal plant found in India and other tropical countries. The Medicine Buddha is said to dispense spiritual medicine to those who properly approach him. Some believe just touching the image brings benefit.

This particular statue is made in the traditional lost-wax method by Newari craftsmen working in the time-honored way in Patan, Nepal. The Buddha is shown with the blue hair of a peaceful deity.

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8"(20 cm)
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