Prayer Flags, Banner

Tibetan Buddhist banner prayer flags on pole
Vertical banner-style Buddhist prayer flags on pole with mantras and prayersVertical prayer flags in Tibetan Buddhist tradition with  block-printed mantras
Price: $10.00

Prayer flags are a familiar sight throughout the Tibetan Buddhist influenced Himalayas. There are different types of prayer flags, block-printed with extracts from the Tibetan classics or different mantras. Prayer flags can be planted almost anywhere, bestowing merit on the giver and benefiting the entire countryside, as prayers are released as the wind passes through them, creating benefit for all.

These prayer flags consist of five square pieces, one each of blue, white, red, green and yellow. A short streamer is attached on one side of each flag, while cords for tying the flag vertically to a pole are on the other side.

Weight: 2 oz.
17" (43 cm) x 17" each square
Country of origin: