Prayer Flags, Large

Tibetan prayer flag set of five flags, one   blue, red, white, green and yellow
Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag close-up showing  windhorse and mantrasTibetan Buddhist prayer flags flying in the wind
Price: $16.00

Tibetan prayer flags of this kind are often erected in the neighborhood of temples, shrines and around villages and houses. Their purpose is to invite good spirits or beneficent deities and to drive away evil spirits or demons. Block-printed on each flag are excerpts from Tibetan classics and various mantras. Mythical animals from the Chinese, Indian and Tibetan tradition may be represented, such as the tiger, garuda, dragon, lion or windhorse. It is hoped their presence will provide protection from enemies, increase the birth rate, augment wealth, and safeguard the health and happiness of the household. Each time the prayer flag flutters, the blessings of the prayers spread benefit throughout the countryside.

These prayer flags consist of five rectangles in blue, red, white, green and yellow. Block-printed mantras and prayers surround a central image of the windhorse, carrying the wish-fulling jewel on its back. The mantra translates loosely: "May the horse of good fortune run fast and increase the power of life, influence, fortune, wealth, and so forth."

These prayer flags are the same kind that fly from Boudnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. They are made in the traditional manner by Tibetans living in Pokhara, Nepal.

Weight: 3 oz.
25 flags (5 sets of 5), each flag 9" (23 cm)x12"(31 cm)
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