Prayer Flags, Small

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags flying and spreading their mantras and prayers
Tibetan prayer flags, showing the 5 rolls that come in one package
Price: $20.00

Prayer flags are from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. They are a common sight around villages and houses, at temples and mountain passes throughout Buddhist India, Nepal and China. The flags are block-printed with excerpts of Buddhist texts, mantras, and mystical animals. The windhorse, carrying the wish-fulfilling jewel on its back, is in the center. As the wind passes through the flags, prayers and blessings are spread throughout the countryside.

Each package of prayer flags consists of five rolls of ten flags each, in the traditional five colors of blue, red, white, green and yellow. These prayer flags are ideal for stringing along the roofline of a home or between trees in one's yard. They are hand block-printed in the traditional manner by Tibetans living in Nepal. As the making of these prayer flags is a cottage industry and they are made by different families, exact size may vary slightly.

Weight: 4.3 oz.
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