Red Tara

Red Tara, Tibetan Buddhist goddess (bodhisattva) of compassion
Statue of Red Tara, one of 21 Taras which also include Green and White Tara
Price: $14.00

In the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon, Tara is the most important of the female bodhisattvas. She is sometimes referred to as a female Buddha. Anyone can pray to her for help and guidance.

There are twenty-one forms of Tara. This sculpture is of Red Tara. Her appearance and pose is similar to that of Green Tara. Over her left shoulder she carries a bow, her 'weapon', which shoots arrows of flowers.

Large: 4"(10cm) / 8 oz

Weight: 1 oz.
2" (5 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
Country of origin: