Shiva Nataraja, with Silver

Shiva Nataraja bronze statue of the Hindu god of the cosmic dance
Shiva Nataraja statue of the Hindu diety dancing in an aureole of flamesShiva Nataraj bronze statue showing Shiva dancing on the dwarf of ignorance
Price: $380.00

This is an especially fine quality bronze statue of Shiva Nataraja, one of the most famous of Hindu icons. It is inlaid with silver and copper detailing, a craft in which only a handful of artisans are proficient. it is truly a collector's piece.

Shiva is one of the three main Hindu deities, and is very complex with multiple roles. Here he is seen as Lord of the Dance, dancing the cyclic cosmic dance of creation and destruction, stomping on the dwarf representing ignorance.

This piece has SOLD.

Weight: 3.8 lb.
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Shiva Nataraja