Tibetan Singing Bowl, 4.5"-5"

Tibetan (Himalayan) singing bowl
Price: $36.00

These are the smallest Himalayan singing bowls, often called Tibetan singing bowls, that we carry. They are easily portable and useful when building a set. As with the larger singing bowls, a complex beautiful harmonic tone is produced by striking their edge or rubbing the Tibetan bowl around the rim. It is sometimes more difficult with these smaller Tibetan singing bowls to produce a tone. Striking the singing bowl first, then rubbing it around the rim, often yields the best result.

Hand-hammered marks are often visible on these older Himalayan singing bowls. We estimate our older bowls are over 100 years old, but it is not possible to date them precisely. Most important is the relaxing, meditative tones which all of our Tibetan bowls produce.

Please note that these older bowls are in short supply.

Weight: 6 oz.
4-5" (10-13 cm)
Bell metal (li)
Playing stick & Information Card
Country of origin: