Tibetan Singing Bowl, 5"-6"

Tibetan (Himalayan) Singing Bowls
Price: $54.00

Himalayan singing bowls, or Tibetan singing bowls, are wonderful for the relaxing and meditative tones which they produce. These 5-6" singing bowls combine portability with beautiful tone and ease of play. Our older Tibetan singing bowls often have a slight decoration around the rim, or sometimes even the previous owner's etched initials. As these older Tibetan bowls were hand-turned on a lathe, then hand-hammered to the desired pitch, hand-hammer marks are often conspicuous, adding to the unique beauty of each singing bowl.

We have been importing antique singing bowls for over 30 years, and many musicians have our bowls in their sets. With these smaller singing bowls, it is often best to strike the bowl first with the playing stick, then rub it around the rim to produce the sustained harmonic tone for which these bowls are famous.

Please note that these antique singing bowls are in short supply.

The package arrived just a couple of days ago. Many thanks for the extra speed. The bowl is stupendous and magic.
Many thanks

- Giannetto, Genoa, Italy

Weight: 11 oz.
5-6" (13-15 cm)
Bell metal (li)
Playing stick & Information Card
Country of origin: