Tingsha, Plain, 3.1"

Tibetan tingsha plain large
Price: $56.00

These large plain superior Tibetan meditation tingsha bells have the purest tone and longest sustain of any of the tinsha (dingsha, tingshaw) available. They have the look, weight and feel of the antique Tibetan tingsha which have been impossible to find for many years. The two halves of the meditation bell are so well matched that the sound of one can be transferred to the other, something not possible with other tingsha.

These bells are made by master Tibetan craftsmen who have been working in the traditional manner for many decades. The bells are made in a small family-owned workshop honoring fair trade principles. Old bronze is one of the components of the bell metal used in making these tingsha, both because of its superior quality and for its sustainability.

If you are looking for the finest quality, please consider these large plain tingsha.

The tingshas are quite lovely. They are the heaviest ones I've seen but their sound "song" is very beautiful. The sound lasts a very long time.

- Lana, Wichita Falls, Texas

The large, plain tingsha arrived and they are fantastic.
Many thanks

- Niles, Chicago, Illinois

Weight: 16 oz.
3.1" (8 mm) D
Bell metal (li)
Complimentary Pouch and Information Card
Country of origin: