Uma Parvati

Uma Parvati statue, Hindu goddess and consort of Shiva
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The Hindu goddess and consort of Shiva, Parvati, has 24 names. This statue shows her as the dawn goddess. The concept of a dawn goddess as a feminine deity goes back to the early Aryans of India.

Parvati, like Durga, is another form of the great goddess Devi. 'Parvat' means mountain, and Parvati, daughter of Himavan, god of the Himalayas, is known as Daughter of the Mountain.

As the consort of Shiva, Parvati's greatest pleasure is to serve Shiva, and she is both a caring wife and affectionate mother. The relationship between Parvati and Shiva is often seen to represent the perennial tension between the ideals of the ascetic and the householder. Parvati's aim is to lure Shiva into the world of marriage, sex and children, to tempt him away from asceticism, yoga and otherworldly preoccupations. In this role she is cast as a figure who enhances life in the world, who represents the beauty and attraction of worldly, sexual life, and who cherishes the home and family.

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2.8" (7 cm)
Resin ivory substitute
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