Woods Premium, 50 gm

Woods Premium Incense from India with natural herbs
Price: $4.00

Woods incense is our premium Indian incense offering, and is also our personal favorite. Woods has a slightly sweet, woodsy smell, reminiscent of fine Japanese incense. These sticks are hand-rolled in Mysore, a name synonymous with fragrance. Woods incense is rolled with a masala mixture of 27 different natural herbs, oils and resins valued for their medicinal and aromatic properties.

The attractive box has the name Woods in embossed letters, and a photo and graphics of woodland images. Each box contains 15 sticks.

Just wanted to say I have never smelled anything as wonderful as the Woods Indian Incense EVER! They last almost an hour an I have never seen that even with the Nag Champa. I thank you for you web site and your quick service.
Thank you.

- Amanda, Spring, Texas

Weight: 50g
10" box with 15 sticks each
Masala of natural herbs and resins
Country of origin: