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Meditation Bells

For over 30 years, Shabda's Tibetan tingsha meditation bells have been crafted with the clear intent and skillful means to be the highest quality tingsha and hand bells available. How is this done?

Dalai Lama and Master Tibetan Bell maker
    • Hand-crafted — all Shabda meditation bells are made in the traditional manner by master Tibetan artisans, working in an environment consistent with fair trade principles. All bells are handcrafted and hand- finished, to ensure smooth surfaces and edges, and consistent sound. By contrast, many local products are mass produced with machine processes, and lack the quality of a carefully hand-finished product.


    • Purity — we use only pure metal, not the inferior cheaper blend found in the marketplace. Our metal is of sufficient purity that it can even be recast and remoulded, which cannot be done with inferior metal blends. It is like the difference between 24k and 1k gold.


    • Mass & Volume — Shabda's Tibetan tingsha meditation bells are thicker and heavier, which makes them more costly to produce, but gives our bells the highest quality sound, feel, and appearance. Other products found in the marketplace are made lighter and thinner to save money, but at the expense of appearance and sound.


    • Sound — Shabda meditation bells have a deeper and longer sustain due to the high quality of the metal and careful finishing using hand tools to give a consistent quality sound. The sound will last the entire life of the bell and not deteriorate over time, as with local products.


  • Appearance — metal oxidizes over time, and due to the purity of our metal, our meditation bells will have a more consistent and smooth oxidation, retaining their beautiful appearance. Meditation bells made with an inferior metal blend will oxidize in a patchy, uneven manner.