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Kalachakra statue with the Kalachakra deity and his consort in a yab-yum

Kalachakra, Brass

  • 2400

Kalachakra literally means turning the wheel of life. The Kalachakra deity is a yidam, a fierce god protector, with four heads, each containing a third eye. He can have 12-24 arms, but never more than two legs. Although hard to tell on this small statue, his body is covered by a tiger skin and he wears a belt of dorjes. He is always shown stepping to the left on two demons.

 Here he is shown with his consort, as a yab-yum. Yab-yum is a Tibetan term meaning literally Father-Mother. The Kalachakra deity and his consort represent wisdom and compassion (skillful means) locked in embrace.


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