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Buddhist windchime for garden. The wind releases the mantras cast in the hanging bell, the sound acting as the 'divine voice'..

Tibetan Long-Life Wind Chime

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This is a simple, elegant Tibetan Buddhist wind chime (hanging bell). Create a peaceful, meditative space in your home and garden.

This wind chime has several Tibetan symbols. An endless knot design makes up one section of the chain. The outside of the bell has four long-life symbols, as well as a lotus design around the rim. The clapper has a sun with a crescent moon, engraved with a hare, the symbol of the peaceful temperament of spring.

Hanging bells are less common in Tibet than the Tibetan handbells used in ritual. They are usually hung outside for the wind to ring. The mantras cast within the bell can be constantly released by the power of wind and sound. Windchimes can be hung on a roof or other sacred shrine. The sound of the windchime serves as the divine voice.

14" in length

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