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Tingsha,  Plain Superior

Tingsha, Plain Superior

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These large plain superior Tibetan meditation tingsha bells produce a superior sound, with the purest tone and longest sustain of any of the tinsha (dingsha, tingshaw) available. They are made of the highest quality metal and are thicker and heavier than most found in the marketplace,  having the look, weight and feel of the antique Tibetan tingsha which have been impossible to find for many years. The two halves of the meditation bell are so well matched that the sound of one can be transferred to the other, something not possible with other tingsha.

These bells are made in the traditional manner by master Tibetan craftsmen in a small family-owned workshop in northern India. Fair trade principles are honored. Old bronze and silver are some of the metals used in making the tingsha, bronze for long sustain and silver for sweetness of tone.The tone will not deteriorate over time.


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